50-35 Project Day 1Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Tue 28th Oct 2014 @ 8:41 am
OK, last time I really took some photos was a few weeks ago when I was getting ready to leave on a boat heading south. Neil, the owner of a Wharram Tiki 38 Catamaran- Gleda. Which is a bigger version than my boat ‘A Roamer of Alderney’. has just launched his boat after many years building it with his own hands and had plans to sail the boat down to Portugal for the winter. Unfortunately by the time we were settled on board and had all our food supplies ready the wind changed. Gale-force winds coming from the South West. Not what we wanted. Due to the long range forecast saying the same thing I decided to jump back on a flight, leaving all my things on board to fly back to Dublin as that is where I plan to be this winter. Unfortunately the next week the weather did not changed as predicted and my bag with all my camera equipment has been sitting on Gleda in Falmouth harbour. Very kindly Neil has now sent me my things as we have now postponed the trip to Portugal till spring.

I now have my camera back!! Due to the lack of updates and photographs I have decided to try to catch up with this by doing a project called 50-50. This is a project that I know about from a Photographer called Bert Stephani. The idea is to photograph my life as it is by taking photographs whenever I see a decent shot for the next 50 days. The other ’50’ is supposed to be with a 50mm lens. But unfortunately I have left that in London House in Alderney as they need it for Passport Photographs. So basically I will be Taking photograph for the next 50 days using my 35mm lens on my Fujifilm x100s.

The start to my '50-35' Project.

OK so I started my project off with a bang. My Girlfriend had her grandma and Auntie come to visit us in Dublin for the weekend so we took them to Powerscourt. It is said to be one of the top 3 gardens in the world. Was a beautiful day and a very photogenic place to start my project. I won’t be writing about each photograph as otherwise I am not sure I will make it to the end of the 50 days!