50-35 Project Day 5Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Fri 31st Oct 2014 @ 6:23 pm
Happy Halloween!!!

I am sorry for the lacking in halloween photos today. I tend to upload the days photos as i'm sitting on the DART home as I don't have very good internet at home... I will take some photos of Halloween tonight and will upload them on tomorrows blog update. I am finding it very difficult to keep up in the day at the moment, busy doing work I find it hard to find time to take photographs. I can often walk down a road and find loads of photogenic places and find the motivation to take take take. But unfortunately today was one of them days where my mind was in 100 places thinking about work and what I have to do that I was not in the mind set to see the photogenic shots.

I have the day to myself tomorrow and may well go into town so hopefully a good exciting update tomorrow. but for now. 'Rust and Weather'

I hope you all have a good Halloween and cheers to the weekend!