50-35 Project Day 13Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Sun 9th Nov 2014 @ 1:39 pm
Had a relaxing day in today. Had a good Skype with Helene and Ben to discuss our plans for when they come over next week. I am very much looking forward to seeing them both here in Dublin, even if it is for two days. I have decided my posts and the project is lacking people. I love taking photos of people and that is what I actually do. As a wedding photographer its very important to be able to see a photo when its there, whether is street lights, little details which the bride and groom have spent a long time organising which they tend not necessarily to notice on the day, and people. As the style of wedding photography that I do. I tend not to tell anyone to 'Look at the camera' as this is not natural and people tend to get annoyed. I like the natural photographs that people don't notice the photo has been taken, the natural smile and no one telling them how to pose. For the next week starting Monday I am going to focus on People living their lives here in Dublin.
50-35 Project Day 12Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Sat 8th Nov 2014 @ 11:02 am
Had the day off work today to sort out opening my new Irish Bank account and my tax. Had a nice walk around the City and got a new snaps which I have been meaning to get for a while.

Helene and Ben some very good friends of mine are visiting us Wednesday- Thursday next week, so will defo get some more city photos as I think we will go on a tour around the city. I cant wait!

50-35 Project Day 9Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Tue 4th Nov 2014 @ 11:21 pm
Winter seemed to sneak in during the night and it was very cold here in Dublin today. Have been at work all day and then last minute shopping for a couple of little prezzies for Eva's Birthday tomorrow.

Really cold now and starting to think about Pre Christmas Portrait shoots. If you are interested in a portrait shoot Either in Dublin or Alderney, Please get in contact with me as I am getting very busy with work! I should be flying back to Alderney at the end of November but it may depend on how many shoots I have back in Alderney.

In terms of School Photos- I don't think we will be doing a set up in the school this year. But if you would like a school photo with wearing school uniform and with one of our backdrops, then Please get in contact with me as I will also be setting this up at the end of November.
50-35 Project Day 8Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 3rd Nov 2014 @ 8:45 pm
OK so to apply for a tax code here in Dublin. The office is open ridiculous hours. So you kinda have to take a day off work to apply for a code so that you can then give them money from your salary. Been a very stressful day as had to set up an Irish Bank account, Apply for a tax code and try and find a suitable birthday prezzi for Eva.

To be perfectly honest I am not very happy with todays photos. My camera battery was low and my mind wasn't in it. Saw a few nice shots, enjoy!
50-35 Project Day 6Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Sun 2nd Nov 2014 @ 6:26 pm
Not many photos of halloween i'm afraid, after work I got home and had Eva's friends- Jess and Genty visiting from London. We found the last pumpkin for sale that we could find and Genty did a great job of carving it. We went out last night for dinner and then went out for a few drinks after.

My internet is really playing up here in the flat so not sure if I might be able to do todays update tomorrow but will do my best. Took some awesome photos today of our favourite shop- Fallon and Byrne. Which Is an AWESOME food shop which has a massive variety of fruit and veg, love going there on a sunday and getting our weeks fruit and veg and then choosing from the massive selection of Cheese!!! Will update tomorrow if possible
Grafton StreetPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Fri 14th Feb 2014 @ 9:14 am
Ok yesterday was a first, I got told by a dude in a suit that he was head of security and that I need to show him all the photos on my camera because he saw me take a photograph of a building, which was apparently a Government building. I mean, I know the dude was only doing his job but I was standing down the road from it and had a prime lens on. I don't know what in that photo could be against the security....

Anyway, here is a photo I took going down Grafton Street last night. Was crisp cold and the buzz from the last of the shoppers who had so much energy even after a long day at work.
Shoppers at dusk..
Now Snowing in Dublin...Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Tue 11th Feb 2014 @ 9:46 pm
Okay. So I packed my bags for Australia, Shorts, T-shirts etc. Spending 2 weeks in Dublin before flying out and though, 'ahh it wont be that cold'... Well today it snowed. I did not pack for this...