50-35 Project Day 6Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Sun 2nd Nov 2014 @ 6:26 pm
Not many photos of halloween i'm afraid, after work I got home and had Eva's friends- Jess and Genty visiting from London. We found the last pumpkin for sale that we could find and Genty did a great job of carving it. We went out last night for dinner and then went out for a few drinks after.

My internet is really playing up here in the flat so not sure if I might be able to do todays update tomorrow but will do my best. Took some awesome photos today of our favourite shop- Fallon and Byrne. Which Is an AWESOME food shop which has a massive variety of fruit and veg, love going there on a sunday and getting our weeks fruit and veg and then choosing from the massive selection of Cheese!!! Will update tomorrow if possible