SwitzerlandPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 13th Aug 2012 @ 2:56 pm
Five days away with a great group of mates. Sun, Skiing, Partys and just a great laugh. It was very hot out there especially by Lake Geneva which we spent an afternoon swimming and jumping off the peer. Great times and can't wait to go back next year, hopefully bike out there next time though! :D

From the top of the mountain, Just after a long few hours of Skiing. It is difficult to believe there was snow up there after going swimming the the lake the day before.
Last day together before the group split into two. Decided to go for a walk through the town of Sion and go and find us some lunch. I loved being able to see the mountains all around us!
The eight of us, all good friends or relations of some sort, could pick a better crowd to explore Switzerland with! Love you guys!
Lydia, a friend of ours who was with us in Switzerland.
Taking a walk through Sion on our last day in Switzerland. Can't wait to go back!
Last day in Switzerland, half of us had left to fly back to England while Jo, Helene, Pete and Myself relaxed infront of the tv, me being who I am could not just sit and do nothing so decided to climb a very big hill, I was fascinated by these roots!
After driving for 13 hours back to Cherbourg airport, we got in a taxi which took us to Cherbourg harbour where we met up with my parents and some friends before setting off on our 6 hour beet into the wind on yacht