Romans vs CarthaginiansPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 6th Oct 2016 @ 12:59 pm
We were lucky enough to see the very impressive Romans vs Carthaginians festival in Cartagena last month. I had heard of General Hannibal and his Elephants, crossing the alps with 100,000 infantry, 12,000 horseman and, they reckon, about 40 elephants to attack Rome. We learned that he was actually from Cartagena. His and his army's efforts marching to attack Rome left Cartagena vulnerable and defenceless. This week of festivities was about exactly that.

I took with my my Canon 5D mark ii
24-70mm f2.8 lens Used lots
50mm f1.4 Used quite a lot
70-200mm f4. Never used
There was a huge amount of effort put into all the uniforms throughout the
2 day sailing holiday to Guernsey on A Roamer of AlderneyPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Sun 28th Sep 2014 @ 11:39 am
Cracking sail down to Guernsey on my little boat 'A Roamer of Alderney' I just love the lifestyle of Alderney, How on your two days off that you can jump on your boat and go to another island for the night, and it to only cost £15 for the harbour fee!

Barefoot Boat Bums! Ep.1 from Benjamin Turner on Vimeo.

Tenacious Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 25th Aug 2014 @ 12:57 pm
Being on the sea has always been a major part of my lifestyle living on Alderney. I am either in it or on it nearly every day. Although I spend a lot of my time flying places or even sailing places to photograph weddings in the UK and the rest of the channel islands, I find the week days I am on the water more and I take only really photos of the sea and boats.

Last week we had a training sailing ship called the 'Tenacious' sail into Braye Harbour- Alderney and I got the following photographs from the little rib owned by one of Alderney's restaurants 'The Georgian House' who I used to and sometimes still do work for.
I love black and white, I love turning the contrast up and seeing the blacks be black and the whites shine giving a really moody photograph.
I wanted to get a photograph of the sun setting behind, but unfortunately shortly after I took these photographs they started the engine and headed out.
I tend to use black and white a lot with my wedding photography, I have all of this years wedding to post on this blog so keep your eye open for new posts!
Alderney's well known Fog.Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Sat 19th Jul 2014 @ 3:42 pm
As some of you may know the fog in Alderney can come in think and fast. I was down working on the boat the other day when within 10 minutes the fog had turned the visibility from 3 miles to 20 feet.

Lucky this time it stayed around for half a hour and then it was gone.
These photos taken on my Fujifilm x100s which I luckily had with me on the boat.
Heaps of SailingPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 17th Jul 2014 @ 3:13 pm
Been doing so much sailing recently its great! Here is my little Wharram Tiki 26 Catamaran A Roamer of Alderney, anchored in Telegraph bay in Alderney on what felt like the hottest day of the year. Can beat it!
A Roamer of AlderneyPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Wed 16th Jul 2014 @ 11:05 am
I dont know how much you may know of my little catamaran. A Roamer was built by my parents 25 years ago here in Alderney. after 15 years of use she was taken out the water and left to sit and rot for the last 10 years. Last year I went to inspect the damage. The main structural beam which holds it all together. gave way under by foot. I have spent the last year re-building her and she is a good as new!

This has been transport for me to get to the UK and around the Channel Islands to photograph weddings. What fun! Here is a little video I made Sailing from Poole to Alderney

Sailing Toccata a Pahi 42Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Fri 2nd May 2014 @ 11:09 am
Been doing a lot of sailing recently. This trip I sailed Max the owner of this Pahi 42 to Dielette after doing repairs to his boat over the winter. All the footage shot with a GoPro which is one of the first times I have properly used it. Got some more videos which I will be uploading shortly.

Nea and Rich WeddingPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 1st May 2014 @ 3:37 pm
Back at the end of February I flew out to Perth- Australia to photograph my first Australian wedding. Nea and Rich recently moved to Australia after falling in love with the country while traveling. I could not explain how happy it had made me that they chose me to be their photographer, and It was nice knowing that my photography had taken me to the other side of the world. Nea and Rich were such an amazing couple and so relaxed! As a true Australian wedding it was such a relaxed day and everyone was enjoying the day outside in the heat of Perth.

The ceremony was on the beach with the beautiful Indian Ocean in the background. With a slight breeze to cool you down from the 40 degree heat of the sun.

I really enjoyed photographing their wedding and I hope to carry on my international photography business.
My competitor for the day.
Creepy Crawlies Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 24th Feb 2014 @ 12:31 am
Found a spider the other day, hanging down from the beam above our heads. Looks like it could give a very painful bite! As I was trying to take a photo it kept spinning on its web to point me, kept thinking it was going to jump!
Traveling but more exciting- Arriving!Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 20th Feb 2014 @ 6:51 am
From the storms of force 10 winds and snow in the UK to 35 degrees+. I left Alderney on the 6th February. Was worrying for days that my flight from Alderney to Southampton would be delayed and miss my connecting flight to Dublin. Rather jumping on an earlier flight I decided to risk it on the day. There was only a small window of opportunity when the wind dropped enough that the flight managed to take off. I arrived in Dublin in the evening and very much enjoyed my 10 days there, although I had the heat of Australia to look forward to, I didn't really want to leave. Was very cold in Dublin though! I had only really packed shorts and t-shirts for Australia and it started snowing! Got some very weird looks when walking to the shop in shorts as the snow was settling.

I arrived in London at about 8pm and sat up all night drinking coffee and watching films getting myself in Aussie time to prevent jet lag... Was so tired when my flight came around at 10am that I slept for most of the 12 hour flight to Singapore. I stayed in Singapore for 2 hours before jumping on my next flight (5 hours) to Perth. A good friend of mine, Meggie picked me up from the airport and had a very chilled evening with a BBQ.

In the morning we both went into town for a coffee and cake. I have always heard that the Aussies make the best coffee, I have only had one and it was seriously good!
Went down to the beach today for a drink, beautiful sight of white sands and blue water. Sand so hot sometimes you have to run to the water to prevent your feet burning- Love it!
Singapore Airlines plane, Great airline!
This cafe makes amazing coffee! and Cake!
My first Australian Beach. White sand and blue water... And Probably sharks..
What an awesome sight.