Race around the Island- Amadeus Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 18th Sep 2014 @ 6:21 am
Last month there was a Around the Island Yacht Race here in Alderney. I only took these few photographs just as we were about to come over the line, fighting for the finish line with Amadeus. My boat 'A Roamer of Alderney' managed to come first in the race, which is a very good feeling considering this time last year before I started work rebuilding her- she probably wouldn't even float...I got this email from Janie, the owner of Amadeus.

'Thanks for taking this photo of the kids! It was their first race on a yacht instead of a dinghy, and they all had a great day. Your photo of them is a special way of remembering their achievement! Cheers, Janie'

Really enjoy taking photos of sailing and yachts. I think i'm going to really start to get into it and sail out of the harbour and take photos of Yachts arriving in Alderney under full sail. If you are sailing to Alderney or even have a yacht/Boat in Alderney and would like me to take some photos, Let me know when you will be out and I will do my best to see you outside the harbour.