50-35 Project Day 3Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Wed 29th Oct 2014 @ 6:08 pm
Really getting into this project and it works perfectly for me to edit the photographs and upload them while on the DART (train) home as my internet at home is terrible. Had a bit more time to get some photos en route to work this morning as I missed my DART by 1 minute! There are moments like when this happens that I miss the lifestyle of home- the journey to work in Alderney- Jump on my bike and be anywhere in 10 minutes.

I know you might look at some of these photos and not really see why I photographed them. Sometimes I do that. But its just how I see things sometimes and just think that they need to be photographed.
This is actually in Newcastle, which is south of Dublin and where I work. Its nice to get out the city, and its amazing how suddenly you go from being in the city to being by the sea and surrounded in hills and grass!
This looks like an orange, but with edges. It is actually a fibreglass mould gel coated. Just liked the texture so thought it was worth a snap.