Suns out Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Fri 29th Jan 2016 @ 3:40 pm
What a stunning day! Very happy walking around in just a t-shirt, little teaser saying that summer is on its way. One thing I think I forgot to mention about this project. The equipment.
I am using a Canon 5D Mark ii camera with my 50mm 1.4 Prime lens, and that is it.
The 50mm being a prime lens means no zoom, Just full control of depth of field and shutter speed. I love this lens, and challenging myself by having to move, Get closer or take a step back. Just to get the frame filled how I want it.
Im enjoying this project more and more!

My Last Photos from New Zealand. Enjoy!Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Wed 6th Mar 2013 @ 7:43 pm
So this is my last post from my travels around New Zealand. Met loads of awesome people and saw some incredible places. I hope you enjoyed my posts from my trip and keep you eye out for more posts from all the portrait shoots i have lined up!
My surf board.
The cat caught a gecko. I rescued it in return for a photo
Distant relations who kindly put me up for a couple of nights on my travels.
Auckland airport
Departures :(
Me and my plane
Free slippers in the VIP lounge
Free food!
Guangzhou airport
Bumped up to the VIP lounge the second time this trip. Loving life.
Cold morning in Coventry
Focus on Imaging show at the NEC in Birmingham
Ahhh, So thats why the equipment is so expensive!
South of the north island. New ZealandPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Sun 17th Feb 2013 @ 12:41 am
My travels down the south of the north island. By how I have lots of time to chill. I have booked Black water rafting for the 23, and apart from going to wellington and up the west coast. I can chill. Read lots of my book and in need of a new one soon as been reading so much. Very hot weather and sea temperature not too bad. More photos uploading tomorrow but as I had internet I thought I would leave you with a few to look at till then!
Haha, I love the NZ postbox's they are all so random.
Mother and baby seal.
AHHH!!!! Bigs scary dude with a big camera!
Fast asleep. Got about 2 feet away from it till it woke up...
When It woke up... Looked at me for about 2 seconds screaming, then ran away.
Rainbow around the sun.
My tripod was too small so I made my own :)
Enjoying the sunset and the quite while reading a book.
Cape Palliser lighthouse, the day before the 100 year anniversary.