Tenacious Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 25th Aug 2014 @ 12:57 pm
Being on the sea has always been a major part of my lifestyle living on Alderney. I am either in it or on it nearly every day. Although I spend a lot of my time flying places or even sailing places to photograph weddings in the UK and the rest of the channel islands, I find the week days I am on the water more and I take only really photos of the sea and boats.

Last week we had a training sailing ship called the 'Tenacious' sail into Braye Harbour- Alderney and I got the following photographs from the little rib owned by one of Alderney's restaurants 'The Georgian House' who I used to and sometimes still do work for.
I love black and white, I love turning the contrast up and seeing the blacks be black and the whites shine giving a really moody photograph.
I wanted to get a photograph of the sun setting behind, but unfortunately shortly after I took these photographs they started the engine and headed out.
I tend to use black and white a lot with my wedding photography, I have all of this years wedding to post on this blog so keep your eye open for new posts!
Alderney's well known Fog.Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Sat 19th Jul 2014 @ 3:42 pm
As some of you may know the fog in Alderney can come in think and fast. I was down working on the boat the other day when within 10 minutes the fog had turned the visibility from 3 miles to 20 feet.

Lucky this time it stayed around for half a hour and then it was gone.
These photos taken on my Fujifilm x100s which I luckily had with me on the boat.
Heaps of SailingPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 17th Jul 2014 @ 3:13 pm
Been doing so much sailing recently its great! Here is my little Wharram Tiki 26 Catamaran A Roamer of Alderney, anchored in Telegraph bay in Alderney on what felt like the hottest day of the year. Can beat it!
A Roamer of AlderneyPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Wed 16th Jul 2014 @ 11:05 am
I dont know how much you may know of my little catamaran. A Roamer was built by my parents 25 years ago here in Alderney. after 15 years of use she was taken out the water and left to sit and rot for the last 10 years. Last year I went to inspect the damage. The main structural beam which holds it all together. gave way under by foot. I have spent the last year re-building her and she is a good as new!

This has been transport for me to get to the UK and around the Channel Islands to photograph weddings. What fun! Here is a little video I made Sailing from Poole to Alderney

Lightning Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Tue 11th Jun 2013 @ 9:39 am
Never seen lightning like this lightning storm which passed by Alderney on the 7th June. In the past any lightning I have seen might be once every 10 minutes, this was once every 5 seconds and never heard any thunder. was Strange
Snow storm on the island.Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Wed 13th Mar 2013 @ 1:38 am
Force 10 winds and very heavy snow. I am trying to get into the habit of taking my camera everywhere I go. You never know when there is a cool shot and it is always very annoying when you dont have your camera. This week Alderney and the rest of the Channel islands got battered with strong winds and snow. These are my photographs from the few days of storm on the island.
After going hunting with my friend. This was my catch.
Someones fallen over boat after force 10 winds batter the island.
Someones sails came loose on their boat. Torn to shreds in the wind
The Alderney Pilot boat battling the swell inside the harbour tied up against the quay.
Alderney lifeboat rescued this boat earlier on in the day. It now spends the long night battling the swell and strong winds in Alderney Harbour.
The pig shed. 4 feet of snow in places. Makes feeding the pigs a real chore.
Jazz on top of 4 foot snowdrift.
Jazz on top of 4 foot snowdrift.
Going hunting with my friend Saul.
Oxford Sandy and...White?
The 4x4
More Photos from my road trip around New Zealand.Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Wed 6th Feb 2013 @ 10:43 pm
Another bunch of photographs from my trip around new zealand. All going well but a bit worries as camera charger is broken and only 2 batteries left... Going to have to search around for a new charger! Still alive even though a tsunami hit new Zealand last night. As i pulled up at the beach it was saying on the radio how people were being moved to higher ground and to stay away from the beaches... but the surf looked too good :P
Rainbow over my tent :)
Sunset over Coromandel
Stars over Coromandel
Sunrise over Coromandel
One of the top 10 beaches in the World
Hot water beach...Some volcanos develop huge underground reservoirs of superheated water. Over time, this water will escape to the surface — cooling on the way. There are two fissures at Hot Water Beach issuing water as hot as 64ºC!!! People dig holes
How fast the weather can change in New Zealand!
New ZealandPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 4th Feb 2013 @ 12:56 am
Been all over the place. Left Cape Reinga and went down south through Waipoua Forest where we went and saw the worlds biggest Kauri Trees, Massive! 51.5m high and a trunk girth of 13.8m. Some have been around for over 2000 years! We also visited some amazing black sand beaches. I had no shoes on and was burning my feet it was that hot. See me running to the water in need of cooling down my feet. Most of the photos speak for themselves... Enjoy :)
More Photos from my road trip around New Zealand.Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Fri 1st Feb 2013 @ 9:51 pm
Been spending a lot of time driving, seen some amazing views, been on some amazing tracks, stayed at some awesome free Campsites. Been bitten alive by mosquitos (it looks as if I have some deadly skin desease :P) Drunk lots of warm beer and cold red wine. Result of all this. AMAZING EXPERIENCE SO FAR!!!
This little town called Mangonuni which is said sells the best fish and chips in New Zealand.
The likelihood of a fire where we were in New Zealand. Extremely likely.
Walk on the Beach...
Walk on the Beach...
Our Campsite was just the other side of that beach. great view...
At the furthest point north of New Zealand up at Cape Reinga, this photo shows where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocian meet.
Cape Reinga Lighthouse with a sign post pointing in defferent directions and how many Kilometers away from that city we are. London- 18029km away (9735 nm)
My Home. My view from my garden
Lost in the desert...
Walk on the beach
Road Trip!!!Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Tue 29th Jan 2013 @ 10:25 pm
My first few days on my road trip around new zealand were awesome! My original plan was to drive north from Whangarei to Bay of Islands where I was going to go fishing. But as it was a bit windy I thought I would drive west to Dargaville where I would then drive north to the bottom of 90 Mile beach. I would then go east and around down to Bay of islands a few days later so that the weather would hopefully have gotten better. The roads were very twisty twiny but was great fun to drive. Especially in the Golf that I am using while I am over here. I found a few awesome surf spots on my travels along the coast and was so nice to jump into the water in board shorts, have a quick surf, jump back into the car and drive to the next place.

On my travels I met a french girl called Laurie. She had loads of information on awesome campsites to go to and sites to see. Our first campsite that night had a river going through it which we could swim in, was so nice jumping off the rocks into the river in the morning before setting off. I have spent the last few days traveling with her and leaving in a hour or so in her car up to the most north place in New Zealand- Cape Reinga. There is some surf up there so going to show the New Zealanders how to surf ;) There is also some massive sand dunes which I think we are going to take the fins off my surf board to go down on them on. Going to Be an awesome few days and will defo post some more photos soon! Chow Chow for now!
Just got out of the Waipoua Forest driving down towards Opononi.
View from the top of a mountain which I drove up the wrong road for half a hour on a dirt track. Was a dead end. In my defense there were no road signs before.
The road...
The Windy Roads Going North towards Kaitaia through Waipoua Forest.
The bottom of 90 Mile Beach.
Mine and Laurie's cars parked at the campsite
The rive running through the campsite. It was much deeper further up the river.