50-35 Project Day 4Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 30th Oct 2014 @ 7:38 pm
Textures and skyline.

Have been focusing on textures today. Trying to capture the autumn colours before we get to winter. Been a good day today, was up at 6:30AM and was out the house by 7:25am to get a lift down to Bray where I caught a bus down to Newcastle. Much quicker way of getting to work in the morning- Plus it prevents me from missing the DART.

I think I am gradually getting used to having to commute to work. Not that I would like to carry on this amount of travel time forever. But the way I see it- It actually gives me an excuse to sit down. Back on Alderney although I have the time to sit and take some time.. I tend to always be finding myself busy going sailing or finding myself a new little building project or modifications to my boat. I do miss all that- But I am liking seeing and living off the rock for a little while.

More tomorrow...! - Sorry about the life story....