50-35 Project Day 10Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 6th Nov 2014 @ 8:53 am
Only two today i'm afraid, been a little bit crazy busy the last couple of days and I haven't really had a chance to pick up my camera. Eva's Birthday today and her sister Genty is still visiting. My days have been busy and consisting of
* Getting up at 630AM to make tea for Eva, making smoothy for us both to take to work, making lunch. then get ready for work.
*715AM Leave the flat and go to car and drive with Eva, Faye and Lisa to Ardmore where they go to work, I then get on a bus and go to Newcastle.
845AM I get off the bus and walk 10 minutes down the road to Work.

6PM I leave work to get the bus to Greystone.
630PM I wait for DART to take me from Greystone to Sandymount Startion, While on DART I do my blog update and Emails.
730PM I walk from Sandymount station home.
745PM I have a cold shower and put the hot water boost on for Eva when she gets in. Make Tea and get ready for bed.

Busy days and lacking of time to pick up my camera. I am trying to take as many pictures as my days happen but they are very similar to the picture you have seen already. That is one reason this project is so good for me is that it is making me 'Look' much more for photographs.