Raglan and coming to the end of my travels :(Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Thu 28th Feb 2013 @ 5:21 am
Coming to the end of my travels now. After surfing Taranaki I went up to Raglan to search for more waves. Bad decision. There was no swell. Although the people were awesome and always up for a laugh. Stayed there for 4 nights before heading back up to Whangarei where I am going to surf the East coast for a few days before heading down to Auckland to catch my flight. Sad times, I really don't want to leave.
Bon appetit! Fresh moules collected from the beach of Raglan and a nice cold Corono. Heav
Raglan surf shop
Beautiful town.
My necklace I made in Rotoua.
Sevastian- awesome dude.
New Zealand travels.Posted by Jake Woodnutt on Mon 25th Feb 2013 @ 4:10 am
Not many photographs this week. Been surfing most days and my camera isn't waterproof! Some awesome surf and met some awesome people. Starting to go back up north now as now much longer before my flight home! Going to miss the heat and much more.
My set up
Fishing on the beach at dusk
The waves...
Early morning driving to Waitomo to do black water rafting. Very heavy due.
Finished my book! Goldfinder by Keith Jessop. Awesome book.
Sunset at Raglan
The moon
South of the north island. New ZealandPosted by Jake Woodnutt on Sun 17th Feb 2013 @ 12:41 am
My travels down the south of the north island. By how I have lots of time to chill. I have booked Black water rafting for the 23, and apart from going to wellington and up the west coast. I can chill. Read lots of my book and in need of a new one soon as been reading so much. Very hot weather and sea temperature not too bad. More photos uploading tomorrow but as I had internet I thought I would leave you with a few to look at till then!
Haha, I love the NZ postbox's they are all so random.
Mother and baby seal.
AHHH!!!! Bigs scary dude with a big camera!
Fast asleep. Got about 2 feet away from it till it woke up...
When It woke up... Looked at me for about 2 seconds screaming, then ran away.
Rainbow around the sun.
My tripod was too small so I made my own :)
Enjoying the sunset and the quite while reading a book.
Cape Palliser lighthouse, the day before the 100 year anniversary.